Common Name

Common Name Leaf Flower Petals
Balsam Pear Alternate Yellow 5
Baybean Compound Pink 5
Beach Jacquemontia Alternate Pink/White 5
Calloosa Grape Alternate Green 5
Clock vine Opposite Blue 5
Corkystem Passionflower Alternate Green 5
Corkystem Passionflower Alternate White 5
Cowpea Compound Yellow 5
Creeping Cucumber Alternate Yellow 5
Devil’s Claw Opposite Green 5
Devil’s Potato Opposite White 5
Downy Milkpea Compound Pink 5
Elliott’s Milkpea Compound White 5
Fetid Passionflower Alternate Pink 5
Florida Grape Alternate Green 5
Four Leaf Vetch Compound Pink/White 5
Hairnet Vine Opposite White 5
Hairnet Vine Opposite Yellow 5
Hairy Dawnflower Alternate White 5
Littlebell Alternate Purple 5
Love Vine Alternate Yellow 6
Marine Vine Alternate Green 5
Moonvine Alternate White 5
Muscadine Grape Alternate Green 5
Noyau Vine Alternate White 5
Ocean Blue Morning-Glory Alternate Purple 5
Passionfruit Alternate Purple/White 5
Peppervine Alternate Green 5
Poison Ivy Compound White 5
Possum Grape Alternate Green 5
Purple Passionflower Alternate Pink/Purple 5
Railroad Vine Alternate Pink 5
Rosary Pea Compound Pink/Purple 5
Rubber Vine Opposite White 5
Saltmarsh Morning-Glory Alternate Pink 5
Saw Greenbrier Alternate White 6
Sensitive Brier Compound Pink 5
Silver Dwarf Morning-Glory Alternate White 5
Smilax Alternate White 6
Spurred Butterfly Pea Compound Purple 5
Tievine Alternate Pink 5
Tropical Puff Compound Yellow 5
Trumpet Creeper Compound Orange/Red 5
Virginia Creeper Alternate Green 5
White Twinevine Opposite White 5

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